summer reading 2023

Where will reading take YOU this summer?

The Summer Reading Challenge begins on May 24 at 12:01 PM. All 2023 - 2024 school year students may participate in the Summer Reading Challenge. Each student is challenged to read 100 pages multiplied by his/her grade level. 

Select the appropriate link below to download all instructions and forms in PDF format:


  1. Students entering 4th - 5th grades are required to take the AR test on their reading assignment book.
  2. Students entering 6th - 12th grades are required to take the AR test on their English Language Arts assignment book.
  3. AR tests may be taken in the library during scheduled open hours in June or July or on the first day of school.
  4. Check the library schedule above for available times.
  5. Reminder for students entering 4th - 12th grades, the points earned on the required assignment will not count toward your point goal for the first quarter and you may not retest on the book.