Trinity Christian School Parent Support Group

What is the Parent Support Group (PSG)?


The Parent Support Group (PSG) was founded by a group of parents who LOVE and support Trinity Christian School (TCS). Their goal is to enhance the TCS student and staff experience, while at the same time, being a liaison between the parents and school administration. Parents and staff meet monthly to discuss and plan student, staff, and family activities. 


Throughout the year PSG earns funds through student activities and fundraisers. These funds are then used to help fund special projects and to provide incentives for students and staff alike.


The PSG, along with parents and children, show appreciation to the staff for five days during “Teacher Appreciation Week.”


Who is welcome to attend the PSG meetings?


Parents and staff from the ECE, elementary, middle, and high school are welcome to attend the meetings and bring fresh ideas and concerns. Extended family members are also welcome and encouraged to attend any of the PSG meetings.


Agendas and minutes of all meetings are made available to all attending the meeting, provided the school office has a valid email address and phone number.  


Not able to attend a meeting in person?


Should you not be able to attend a meeting in person because of family obligations, you can attend the meeting via ZOOM. 


Email and text messages are sent to all parents prior to the scheduled meeting with the ZOOM link.


Please attend and participate as we continue our momentum in supporting Trinity Christian School.


PSG mission statement


The Parent Support Group’s mission is to help Trinity Christian School be the best it can possibly be. The PSG will support teachers and staff with fundraisers and will be involved in appreciating our teachers, staff, and students throughout the year.




Any parent, guardian, or other adult standing in loco parentis for a TCS student may be a member of the PSG and shall have voting rights. TCS administrators, faculty, and staff may be members and have voting rights. Members have one vote per household.



The Support Group officers shall include a Parent Liaison, Teacher liaison(s), a Member Coordinator, and a Secretary/Treasurer. These members will attend all monthly meetings to ensure that attendance is taken, the Treasurer’s report is read, and that the minutes of the meeting are transcribed.

Current Officers

Kennie Armstead, Parent Liaison

Josh Brown, Secretary/Treasurer

TBD, Membership Coordinator

Amber Tahner, Middle and High School Teacher Liaison

Cindy Skeen, Elementary Teacher Liaison




Regular meetings of the PSG shall be on the same day and time each month, August to May, to be determined by the PSG officers and the school administration. Currently, those meetings will be held once a month (on the second Monday of the month), at 6 pm in the evening. The date is subject to change due to a holiday or a special school event.  


Special meetings

Special meetings can be called as needed by the PSG officers and the school administration. Members will be notified by email and/or text of these meetings.


Committees and Chairpersons


Outreach Chair – Amanda Hutwelker            Bake Chair – Vaquoda Bradford


Craft Fair Chairs – Josh and Sarah Brown        Basket Chairs – Barbara Shaver/Amber Tahner


Christmas Shoppe Chair – Maria White         Concession Chair – Amber Clark


Beautification Chair – TBD                            Child Activity Chair – Erica Higginbotham


Hospitality Chair – Shunekia Paul


What type of events has the PSG held?

Beautification Day


Family Fun Field Day

Teacher Appreciation Week

Back to School Game Night”

Bake Sale

Assist with the “Gift Basket Fundraiser”

Craft Fair

Christmas Gift Shoppe

How do I contact the school or PSG for additional information?


By using the attached QR code, it will direct you to the school email, phone numbers and address. You will also find included the PSG email address.